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Limited places are  available for our stay and train program!
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Course overviews:

Intensive Obedience Courses

4-day program

Unleash the potential of your four-legged companion with our Intensive Obedience Course. Designed for dogs aged 4 months and above, this 4-day program transforms them into an obedient and loyal companion.

This essential course establishes the foundation for a strong bond between dog and owner. Our objective is to educate dog owners, providing them with effective training methods and problem-solving abilities.

The outcome is a well-balanced family dog, comfortable both at home and in the community. Yes! This is THE course that you’ve heard about. Book today!

Intensive Obedience dog training

Puppy Development Clinics

Intensive 4.5 Hours

At our Puppy Development Clinics, we empower puppy owners to shape their furry friend’s temperament during the critical 8 to 16 weeks of age period. 

Encourage family cohesion with in-depth talks, bringing everyone on board for puppy care. Covering initial homecoming, crate training, and establishing a unified leadership team, these discussions lay the foundation.

Puppy lessons encompass crucial areas like toilet training, socialization, grooming, veterinary readiness, swimming introduction, basic commands, dietary guidance, and the effective use of food in training.

puppy development clinic

Trick Training Courses

12 hours over 2 days (Saturday & Sunday)

Elevate your dog’s well-being with our Trick Training course, designed to enhance mental stimulation and strengthen your bond.

Addressing boredom-related behavior problems, this course fosters patience, boosts confidence, improves focus amidst distractions, and releases excess energy.

Our comprehensive 2 day trick training course is open to all breeds, sizes, and ages, it’s a rewarding experience for both dog and human.

TASAA Trick training

Therapy & Support Dog Services

If you’re interested in booking a Therapy Session or a visit by our adorable therapy dogs, please contact Nikki directly via the “Enquire about our services” form on the Contact Us page (choose “Animal Assisted Therapy”).