Treadmill Hydrotherapy for Dogs


Treadmill Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Aim & intended outcomes

Hydrotherapy for dogs provides a controlled and low-impact exercise environment that promotes physical rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning, and weight management. This underwater therapy is particularly beneficial for dogs recovering from injuries, surgeries, or experiencing mobility issues. Underwater treadmills improve a dog’s overall health, range of motion, and quality of life by reducing pain, increasing mobility and aiding in weight loss or management.

HEAT: increases circulation, promotes healing, helps relax tense muscles and relieves the stress of motion.

HYDROSTATIC (WATER) PRESSURE: reduces swelling of joints and also helps prevent or reduce post exercise pain.

BOUYANCY: supports the body weight, minimising stress on any weight-bearing joints. It also provides stability for dogs with weakness and/or poor balance and co-ordination.

RESISTANCE: promotes maximum muscle movement and range of motion with minimum pain. The increased workout, increases heart rate and oxygen consumption.

Intended audience

Underwater treadmills used in hydrotherapy for dogs can benefit a wide range of dogs, but they are particularly valuable for:

1. Rehabilitation: Dogs recovering from surgeries, injuries, or orthopedic conditions like hip dysplasia or cruciate ligament injuries benefit significantly from underwater treadmill therapy.

2. Weight Management: Overweight or obese dogs can safely exercise and lose weight with reduced stress on their joints.

3. Arthritis and Mobility Issues: Older dogs with arthritis or mobility issues can maintain muscle tone and joint flexibility.

4. Conditioning: Athletic and working dogs can use underwater treadmills for conditioning, especially when weather conditions limit outdoor exercise.

5. Cardiovascular Health: Underwater treadmill sessions can improve a dog’s cardiovascular health and stamina.

6. Pain Management: Dogs in chronic pain or discomfort find relief due to the buoyancy and reduced weight-bearing.

7. Neurological Conditions: Dogs with neurological issues, such as spinal cord injuries, may regain some function and strength through hydrotherapy.

8. Stress Reduction: Nervous or anxious dogs can benefit from the calming effects of water, making it easier for them to exercise.

9. General Fitness: Even healthy dogs can use underwater treadmills to maintain their fitness level.

Suited to

All Dogs


1 hour session


$50 incl GST

Treadmill Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Session fees

• $50 per session
• 10 pack $400

(all prices are including GST)


“After my dog suffered a leg injury, I was referred to Nikki’s hydrotherapy for dogs treadmill sessions by my vet. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The gentle aquatic exercise provided by the hydrotherapy treadmill not only helped my dog regain strength and mobility in their injured leg but also improved their overall fitness and well-being. The buoyancy of the water reduced the impact on their joints, making it a safe and effective form of rehabilitation. Watching my dog effortlessly move through the water, I could see the joy in their eyes, knowing that they were regaining their freedom. Thanks to the hydrotherapy treadmill sessions, my dog’s recovery was expedited, and I couldn’t be more grateful. If you have a dog with a leg injury, I highly recommend trying Nikki’s hydrotherapy treadmill sessions.”


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