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How therapy dogs in schools are successful

Therapy dogs in schools play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall well-being and learning environment for students, teachers, and faculty alike. These four-legged companions offer a unique form of support that extends beyond traditional educational methods.

For students, therapy dogs in schools provide a source of emotional comfort and stress relief. Interacting with these gentle and non-judgmental animals can help reduce anxiety, boost morale, and improve overall mental health. Students who may be struggling with emotional or behavioral issues often find solace in the presence of therapy dogs, which can lead to increased focus, improved social skills, and enhanced self-confidence. Additionally, therapy dogs create a welcoming atmosphere in schools, making students feel more relaxed and open to learning.

Teachers and faculty members also benefit from therapy dogs in schools during visits. The calming presence of these dogs can help reduce stress and burnout among educators, ultimately improving their job satisfaction and well-being. Additionally, therapy dogs can enhance team bonding and communication among staff members, creating a more cohesive and supportive school community. In essence, therapy dogs in schools contribute to a positive and nurturing educational environment where everyone, from students to teachers, can thrive.

To see how one of our handlers, Principal Dan Brown, uses therapy dogs at his school, Emmanuel College GC, have a peek at their Instagram page – @emmanuelcollege_gc

To see how Sheldon College have “adopted” Alfie the Cavoodle.

Where else can therapy dogs make a difference?

Therapy dogs are the heartwarming companions that can uplift any workplace or organisation. From corporate offices seeking to foster a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, to hospitals aiming to comfort patients and staff and schools wishing to create a nurturing learning environment, therapy dogs work wonders.

To date our therapy dogs have enhanced the overall well-being of residents, patients, and clients. in;

senior care facilities
funeral homes
rehabilitation centres
government agencies
counselling practices

We have even arranged for therapy dogs to visit;

domestic abuse survivor shelters
teen care providers
universities, and
private homes.

No matter the setting, therapy dogs in schools create a warm and inviting space, offering the priceless gift of emotional support and positivity.

Therapy dogs in schools

Suited to

Any school needing a positive learning environment


1-4 hour sessions


$170 incl GST

Therapy dogs schools visits

• $170 per hour for professional therapy dog visits with handler/dog teams that are trained, certified and insured.

(all prices are including GST)


At our core, we deeply value the positive impact of animal-assisted therapy, placing a strong emphasis on the importance of well-behaved dogs and skilled handlers.

Recent news has highlighted a few instances of therapy dogs not meeting expectations – it is our understanding that these dog/handler teams were unpaid and uninsured volunteers. They had received their training and certification via an online course where they self-report – having never been properly tested or proofed in-person by a professional.

When selecting a therapy dog provider, we strongly advise considering the following criteria:

1. Ensure they employ professional teams with extensive in-person training.
2. Confirm they carry insurance specifically covering therapy dog services.
3. Verify that they are subject to ongoing evaluation and review by their training and placement provider to maintain the highest standards.


Although we at Therapy and Support Animals love all dogs, we understand that not everyone does and certain religious beliefs, allergies and/or cultural beliefs may preclude interaction.

For that reason, our Team will typically remain stationary in an open area so those who wish to pat / love and cuddle our dogs can do so while the choice is also there not to be involved.

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