One on One Training


One on One Dog Training

Aim & intended outcomes

One on One training is personalised training for the handler and the dog in front of you. Our aim is to provide dog owners with the tools to teach and correct behaviours in a way that builds confidence in you as the handler and your dog. Our desired outcome is always a well-balanced family dog both at home and in your community.

Intended audience

Ideal for dog owners nurturing well-mannered, social, and healthy dogs. Our one on one training program suits those with time constraints or dogs who struggle in group settings due to distractions or reactivity. It’s also great for future therapy or support animals to fine-tune behaviours. One on One Dog Training is designed to be flexible so we can cater to specific issues, specific locations or refine behaviours in distinct environments. This type of training is 100% personalised to dog & handler’s needs.

Course fees

• New clients (1st session): $350 (1st session is 1.5 + to 2 hours)

• Subsequent sessions $275 (per hour).


Rest assured, with 37 years of experience training dogs, Nikki has seen every issue imaginable, multiple times and she has the knowledge to successfully address those issues. Absolutely no judgement, ever.

How this course is delivered

One on One training can be structured to suit your circumstances. This personalised training is specific for your dog and your family. We can work at my facility, your home, out in the real world or a mix of locations.

Our sessions are relaxed and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout. If you are having specific problems that you would like to concentrate on, we ask that you capture some video – before, during and after the behaviour is very beneficial but we understand sometimes this is not possible. Video is invaluable and can assist in preparing a management & training plan.

From the initial meeting, Nikki will put together a one on one training plan which will give an indication of the number of sessions required to meet the desired outcome.

Suited to

All dogs, all owners.


Hourly, by appointment.


$275 incl GST

One on one dog training Private hourly lessons by appointment

Common topics, behaviours that we can address in a One on One Training session

• Advancement of foundation work done in Intensive Obedience Course (if completed but not a prerequisite)
• Behavioural issues as your puppy grows into an adolescent
• Indoor Manners
• Socialisation
• Leash manners
• Reactive dogs
• Separation Anxiety
• Crate training
• Toilet training
• Calmness training
• Basic obedience
• How to use food to train your dog

dog training courses

“After just one session with Nikki (I call her the dog whisperer now!) I am blown away by the transformation in our dog’s behaviour. The session started with a general discussion on what we wanted to achieve and Nikki reassured us that the issues we were experiencing were very common. Teddy had a few ‘bad habits’ shall we say (haha), mostly jumping up on people, barking for attention, pulling on the lead, and generally getting overexcited to the point of being annoying!  We love him, but we wanted to address these issues and have a more calm dog, and household. Nikki’s expertise and knowledge truly shone through in her personalised one-on-one training session. She understood Teddy’s specific reasons for the behaviours, and tailored the session to address them effectively. The transformation in Teddy was amazing, but most importantly, I feel I am now equipped with a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and the whole family now feels more confident we can continue the training at home to correct these behaviours. The bottom line is Teddy loved Nikki and the training, and is a much calmer dog now. I highly recommend Nikki’s one-on-one sessions to anyone seeking remarkable improvements in their dog’s behaviour.”

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