Puppy Stay and Train for Breeders

developed for breeders to maximise the behavioural quality of their puppieS
AND  help them gain strong reputations as high quality breeders.

Puppy Stay and Train Breeder Programme

Aim & intended outcomes of Puppy Stay and Train

The importance of correct training during the early stages of a dog’s life is clear to professional dog trainers and handlers such as Nikki. During Nikki’s long history of training & handling dogs, she found that the dogs with the most issues were the ones who did not have sufficient training, or guidance during their critical imprinting period.

This Puppy Stay and Train program was developed to be the most effective method of building the most healthy and desirable habits, behaviours and experiences necessary for your dog to reach its full capability.

We focus everything around calm clear headed behaviours which are essential for a future Assistance Dog / Therapy Dog / School Dog or family pet.

Intended audience

Puppy Stay and Train for Breeders is for puppies aged between 8-20 weeks.

Puppy Stay and Train Programme fees

Price includes accommodation, high quality raw food diet, immunisations, worming, weekly grooming

• $119 per day for puppies from 8 weeks, minimum 28 days recommended

• $149 per day, for puppies who start from 10 weeks old, minimum 28 days recommended

• Airport Transfer if required $165

(all prices are including GST)

Suited to

Puppies from
8 weeks of age


Minimum 4 weeks (28 days) recommended


$3,332 incl GST

Puppy Stay and Train outcomes for breeders:


  • Teaching calm behaviours to their Lines will encourage people to desire one of their lines to join families. People always ask for breeder recommendations when they see a calm, content & well-mannered puppy and owners always like to brag about their dogs to anyone that will listen. Stay and Train!
  • Ability to sell dogs overseas and have the dog spend the 28 days with Nikki will ensure the puppy is content in a crate and with various loud and unusual noises. This will be more pleasant and ensure the dog travels well/ reducing their stress, ensuring when the dog arrives at its destination it’s not mentally stressed and fits nicely into its new family. Nikki has sent dogs to many parts of Europe and Asia. Stay and Train!
  • Guardian dogs that will become a valued member of their breeding stock. If the dog does not have any development or calmness training the dog can become uncontrollable and erratic which is not good for passing on a nice temperament to their puppies. Which could develop into cutting the dog from its Breeding Programme. Stay and Train!

“Hi, I’m Nicole from Bellouie Labradoodles. And this is Indy my little superstar. She did a [puppy stay and train] with Nikki from eight weeks until four months mostly because I just wanted a really calm easy to train puppy. She’s very food motivated!

So I’ve been breading for 10 years but concentrated on reading about four years ago when I became unwell, I wanted to focus on something that makes me happy and puppies make me happy. I’ve noticed since we’ve started using Nikki at Therapy and Support Animals Australia that and a lot of our families do take up the same train, which is fantastic.

It means that we’ve got more dogs out there that are not having problems, which is great for me because I’m not having to problem solve either and help with the training and Nikki offers great support after as well. So again big bonus for me, but the dogs already have the basics/foundations. So it’s not hard to solve a problem. If a puppy starts a behaviour that isn’t wanted and they all succeed really well doing therapy and assistance work because they’ve had that great foundation learning just to be a calm dog, and it’s sounds like a simple thing, but it’s so important and people don’t understand how important is to have a dog that can self-regulate and just become in lots of different situations.

If you’re a new breeder, or breeder that’s been doing it for a while doesn’t really matter, I highly recommend sending, or well, obviously
recommending puppies go to Nikki for at least a minimum 10 days, but I think it’s much more beneficial for the 28 day Stay & Train – it just makes the puppies much calmer, happy puppies.

Nikki helps train the families to continue the training which we all know is super important and then you’ve got dogs going out to the world that are able to be therapy dogs assistance dogs, or just happy family companions that are easy to train.

Really, I can’t recommend her stay & train enough. We recommend it to pretty much most of our families, and quite a lot take it on board.  It’s you know, it’s a good, it’s a big investment, but it’s such a valuable investment in the puppies future.”

Bellouie Labradoodles

ONGOING Stay & Train BREEDER Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

During the 4 weeks of Stay and Train, your puppy will live in Nikki’s household in a purpose built area, where your dog will become acclimatised to a domestic environment. Your puppy will be brought up as part of a family along with dogs, cats, horses and other Stay & Train Clients – as well as being socialised during outings. Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked about this programme.

What will my puppy do each day?

Here is a typical day in the life of our Stay and Train puppies

  • 2-3 formal training sessions
  • Morning & evening time in Nikki’s home with family members, dogs, cats
  • A vehicle & socialisation outing
  • Multiple visits from people other than the trainers – vet, photographer, professional dog cuddlers, trick trainers, etc
  • Free plays in puppy area or on acreage alongside humans and adult dog guardians
  • Continually throughout the day AND NIGHT – on the spot training addressing something happening or not happening at that moment
Who will train my puppy?

Lead trainer, Nikki is with your pups everyday & night. Her home was purpose built to accommodate the Puppy Stay & Train program. Nikki has 37 years of dog training experience, including 30 years training police and Border Force dogs to detect explosives, narcotics, fire accelerants and also therapy and support dogs to assist those experiencing trauma. You can see her bio on the Meet the Trainers page. Over the past several years, Nikki has seen over 700 puppies complete the Stay & Train program. Her decades of experience means there is no problem she hasn’t seen many times before and she has developed many training techniques to address those problems.

Your pups will also work with Ken who has seven years of dog training experience and who specialises in training puppies during their most critical developmental period. Ken has seven dogs of his own, four of which have completed the Stay & Train program. Ken spends five days per week working with the puppies and is known for his calm, patient and thoughtful training.

Maddie works with the puppies five days per week, often alongside Ken. Maddie has three years of experience dog training but her gift for training was evident on the first day. Much like Ken, Maddie is calm and patient allowing the dogs to learn what calm behaviours are and how to “learn to learn.”

Who else will have access to my puppy?

We DO NOT subcontract training to outside trainers. In addition we do not run a dog trainer placement agency. Your puppies will be trained in-house by Nikki, Ken and Maddie using our training techniques and methodologies.

This is imperative to a puppy’s success as it ensures the puppy does not end up confused having been exposed to various trainers with various skills and various goals.

Our techniques are precise and they are what you will do when your puppy comes home, ensuring no confusion.

What are the facilities like?

“My home, situated on six acres, was built with this stay and train program in mind.” – Nikki, Owner & Lead Trainer

The ground floor houses the puppies with every amenity imaginable – a dedicated training area, grooming facility, large, well equipped puppy play area & the ultimate temperature controlled stay and train puppy bunkhouse.

They even have a custom-built ramp so they can come upstairs to join my family each morning and night without having to navigate stairs! CCTV cameras, gated entry and triple fencing keep our entire facility safe. The surveillance and alarm system means that even in the middle of the night, the puppies are always minded. Located on six acres, the stay and train puppies can run freely to their hearts’ delight.

Our cleaners start each morning as the stay and train puppies get up and leave the bunkhouse for the play area. Every morning the puppy bunkhouse is thoroughly cleaned and disenfected. The bedding is changed, the floors are washed and the water is changed.

The stay and train puppy play area is cleaned each morning and afternoon. A clean environment is essential and we ensure it is at all times.

Will I get to see my puppy during the 4-week Stay & Train?

Yes! You are welcome to pickup stay and train puppies on a Saturday or Sunday between 8-3 for family visits. Additionally, we provide you with pictures and videos of your pup’s progress through our private client portal. We happily Skype with clients, especially those overseas. 

What about separation anxiety in the puppies?

SEPARATION ANXIETY and CALM BEHAVIOURS are the cornerstone of our stay and train programs!

From day 1, the puppies are earnestly perfecting their serene behavior, growing self-assured and learning that alone time is part of doggy life! No need for unnecessary barking or distress; it’s all part of the journey.

Within our stay and train training facility, we’ve thoughtfully designed the famous puppy bunkhouse – a separate space for the puppies, where they learn from the moment they arrive, the vital lesson that peaceful alone time is not only acceptable but beneficial. This approach addresses the root of separation anxiety, promoting a more confident and composed canine companion. The reality is, the vast majority of family dogs will spend hours alone each day. It doesn’t need to be stressful. We teach calm behaviours, we reward calm behaviours and the puppies learn from the start to be confident, well-behaved companions.

Recently, we’ve had an influx of slightly older pups come to our stay and train after undergoing training within home environments where their littermates or humans were constantly present – spending a crucial period of their development in a family room or bedroom. Regrettably, these settings inadvertently nurtured and reinforced separation anxiety – one of the top issues faced by dog owners. When these pups join us, there’s a lot of “untraining” that has to happen but we are committed to guiding them towards a more tranquil solo experience, ensuring that incessant barking and neighbour complaints become a thing of the past.

Please note:  If you’re exploring in-house puppy training options, ensure the pups are raised in an environment where they learn the importance of serene solitude, sparing both pups and owners from future separation anxiety challenges.

Make sure to ask about the stay and train facilities, where the puppies sleep, the experience of the trainers and the safety & cleanliness of the environment.

What happens when my puppy comes home?

Towards the end of the stay and train, we will forward you a document that outlines all commands, food & your puppies routine. Additionally, you are welcome to contact us anytime with questions. We encourage you to send us video so we can see and fully understand your questions.

Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Puppy stay and train
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Puppies at stay and train
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
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Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
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Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane
Stay and Train Puppy Training Brisbane